Wording Thank You Notes

Wording Thank You NotesWording thank you notes does not have to be a complicated endeavor into the finer intricacies of manners and etiquette. There is actually a very simple formula you can use for wording thank you notes. A quick thank you after receiving a gift can go a long way. The formula for an easy thank you can be used again and again, and this formula for wording thank you notes will transcend many of the different situations for which a thank you note is not only appreciated, but is downright necessary.

Step 1: Greet the Giver

“Dear Grandma,”

Thanks the easy part, but its amazing how many people forget it. People love to see their names in print. That’s right, print. You should be handwriting your thank you notes, not typing or e-mailing or texting them. And skip the colorful markers, instead let the wording of your thank you notes express your colorful creativity.

Step 2: Express your Gratitude

“Thank you for the nice sweater.”

This first paragraph seems like it would be the easiest, but when wording your thank you note, it’s the easiest to get wrong. Just a few hints: word your thank you notes in the present perfect tense, as if what the recipient is reading is being said right now. Its an easy thank you mistake to say ‘I was just writing to thank you for…’ It’s clear that’s what you’re writing for, no need to state the obvious.

Also, when wording your quick thank, never mention money directly. You can thank your Aunt Sally for her generosity, or her kindness, but never for the hundred bucks that she gave you. If you feel it was too much, then ‘Your kindness is much appreciated’ or ‘It was such an extravagant gift, your generosity is appreciated’. The dollar amount always becomes kindness or generosity.

If your looking for the wording for an intangible, then you should describe what the thing they’re doing is, and make it sound as attractive as possible. If Uncle Buck is letting you stay at his place while your apartment is being fumigated, then ‘Thank you for your hospitality’ is much nicer wording for your thank you note than ‘Thanks for letting us crash at your place’.

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