Baby Shower Samples

Baby Shower Sample Thank You NotesThis sample baby shower thank you note is for people to write to their co-workers thanking them for the gift. Baby Gift Thank You: Baby Shower from Co-Workers:

Dear [Co-workers names],
I just had to tell you again what a wonderful shower you threw! I had the best time. You are all so sweet to make this event even more special by throwing a posh party at work. It meant the world to me.
And as if that weren’t enough, you all chipped in to present me with a far-too-generous gift. I don’t even know how to thank you for that. My husband and I will have a lot of fun deciding what to do with the gift card.
Thank you all so much. I won’t forget your kindness!

This thank you note for a baby shower can be used for a shower or just to write to a friend who may have some hand-me-downs to pass along.

Dear [Friend],
I just had to tell you again how much I appreciate the clothes. It’s all great stuff and I know [child's name] will look adorable in them and get lots of use out of them.
Thank you for being so generous and thoughtful!

This thank you note can be sent to the people who plan the baby shower.

Dear [Friends],
I want to thank you again for your help planning my baby shower. I so appreciate your time and input. I am very pleased with the way things turned out and I owe that to you!
Thank you also for your incredible gifts: towels, shoes, washcloths, bibs, a diaper bag, and a stack of adorable clothes… Way too much! You are really something. I can’t wait to use it all.
Thank you again for everything!

On the baby shower thank you notes, you could get them personalized with your sonogram photo, or just get them personalized with your due date or the baby’s name if you know what the sex of the baby is going to be.