Thank You Cards

Thank You CardsFor those of us who have forgotten how — or forgotten why — it is so important to write thank you notes, these pages will serve as a reminder on the art of writing these most important communications.

A quick thank you note goes a long way in letting people know you appreciate the nice things they do for you. The most common thank you cards follow a gift for a special occasion, and letting the gift giver know that you appreciate them could increase the frequency and quality of future gifts. But sending a thank you not after receiving a gift is not the only time you need to break out the pen and paper and start writing thank you notes.

You should also thank people for their time, like after that interview for a new job. This will not only keep your name in front of the interviewers, but also let them know you are on top of etiquette and professionalism. You can also send thank you notes to people who have helped you in some way, like lending a shoulder to cry on after a loved one has passed; or to someone who has given you helpful advice or words of encouragement when you needed them most. A quick thank you note can be simple and easy to write, and it will go a long way in letting the receiver know you appreciate what they have done for you. You can browse through some examples of thank you notes on this site if you’re not sure what to say.

Writing thank you cards is easier than you probably remember from the days your mom would make you sit down and write out a thank you note to your grandmother for the nice sweater. And while now-a-days grandma might not say so to you, you can be sure she’s talking with her friends about how scarce good manners are in young people any more.

The first step in writing a thank you note is to get some nice stationery. Plain note cards or even a selection of post cards or colored 3×5’s will do. You should avoid buying in bulk the inscribed Thank You cards with loopy script, because at times you’ll need to send thank you cards where this would not be appropriate. And stay away from full size sheets, note cards should be just that, cards; as your quick thank you note should be brief, and would look funny swimming in all that paper. A nice set of pens and proper postage can be stored with your cards so everything is right there when you need to write out a quick thank you card for any reason.